Protein Expression & Production Core

The amounts and properties of purified proteins that are necessary for NMR or crystallographic structure determination are frequently underestimated when planning structural biology projects and, thus, constitute a major bottleneck for structural work. The Protein Production core places strong emphasis on providing high quality material for further analysis. Production of correctly folded and mono-dispersed protein solutions is particularly important for structural work.

The Department's 1200 sq. ft. Protein Production Core suite is primarily responsible for producing milligram quantities of homogenous, pure (>95%), virus encoded proteins, human cellular partners, and their complexes for structural studies for The Department. Secondarily, the core supports biophysical and bioanalytical characterization of these. The facility has four separate rooms and necessary instrumentation to perform protein expression in bacteria, yeast, insect cells, and mammalian cells with a cold room.

The Director of this facility is Dr. Jinwoo Ahn. For more information on the Protein Core lab, click here.