Rieko Ishima
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University of Pittsburgh
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Rieko Ishima

Associate Professor

The major objective of our research has been to determine protein structure and dynamics using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); spectroscopy, in order to elucidate protein function particularly relating to protein-ligand interactions.

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Education & Training


Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Ph.D., 1992 in Chemistry, Supervisor:  Dr. Kazuyuki Akasaka


Ontario Cancer Institute
Postdoctoral Fellow 1995 – 1997

Representative Publications

Webb, C., Upadhyay, A., Giuntini, F., Eggleston, I., Furutani-Seiki, M., Ishima, R. & Bagby, S. (2011) Structural features and ligand binding properties of tandem WW domains from YAP and TAZ, nuclear effectors of the Hippo pathway. Biochemistry, 50, 3300-9.

Myint, W., Cai, Y., Schiffer, C., Ishima, R. (2012) Quantitative comparison of errors in 15N transverse relaxation rates measured using various CPMG phasing schemes. J Biomol NMR, 53, 13-23.

Cai, Y., Yilmaz, N.K., Myint, W., Ishima, R., Schiffer, C. (2012) Differential Flap Dynamics in Wild-type and a Drug Resistant Variant of HIV-1 Protease Revealed by Molecular Dynamics and NMR Relaxation. J Chem Theory Comput. 8, 3452-62.

Liriano,  M.A., Varney, K.M., Wright, N.T., Hoffman, C.L.,  Toth, E.A., Ishima, R., and Weber, D.J. (2012) Target binding to S100B reduces dynamic properties and increases

Christen, M.T., Menon, L., Myshakina, N.A., Ahn, J., Parniak, M.A. & Ishima, R. (2012) Structural Basis of the Allosteric Inhibitor Interaction on the HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase RNase H domain. Chemical Biology & Drug Design, 80, 706-16.

Active Grants

Conformational dynamics and inhibitor responses of HIV-1 RT RNase H in solution
10/01/13 – 08/31/17
National Institutes of Health

Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions (PCHPI)
09/30/12 – 07/31/17
National Institutes of Health