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Research Training

The Department of Structural Biology at University of Pittsburgh is dedicated to providing interdisciplinary research opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, preparing them to become leaders in academia, industry, government and other sectors. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities 

"The SURP Program has been a great way for me to expand on my horizons and learn from extremely talented and welcoming staff. Coming from a physics background at a different university, I've gotten a ton of experience in a new environment which has helped me learn more about my passions and pursuits. Pitt itself has been a fun place to explore and learn about, while also making friends in the program from across the world.” 

- Hazen Hildebolt, a SURP undergraduate student

Graduate Programs

“My experience in the MBSB program has been extremely fulfilling and exciting. Having a limited biology research background coming into graduate school, I was worried that I would be unprepared to start graduate research. But the experience I gained from lab rotations and helpful advising during my first year raised my confidence and led me to join a lab and project that I am passionate about. The faculty in the program create a welcoming and supportive environment and invest in the success of every student. I have gained invaluable experience in the MBSB program and am excited to continue my graduate career!” 

- Sophia Staggers, a MBSB graduate student

Postdoctoral Training

“The research and training environment in the Department of Structural Biology is unlike anywhere else. By design, the department brings together experts in each key technique of structural biology and fosters an environment of collaboration and synergism. As a postdoc, I joined the department looking to expand my knowledge of NMR, but ended up learning a number of other techniques.”

-Alex Guesman, a postdoc from Angela M. Gronenborn lab

“The department has been an excellent environment for my development during my postdoctoral training. It is a place that has encouraged me to foster collaboration with my colleagues, approach problems with an integrated approach, and with all the cutting-edge instrumentation in structural biology. Regarding resources, the department has all the major structural biology instrumentation experts who can guide you on effectively utilizing the instrumentation to answer your scientific questions.”

- Fatema Bhinderwala, a postdoc from Angela M. Gronenborn lab

Postdoctoral Training at Pitt